Automatic Pension Enrolment and You

natasha-pennyIf you run a small business, it can be difficult to keep on top of all of the latest developments in legislation and regulations, and if you are an employer, this could lead to problematic legal situations regarding payroll. With so much else to think about in the day to day running of your company, staying up to date with changes in the law can be your last consideration, but at the same time, it is important to comply with the rules about pay and conditions. As qualified and experienced professionals, we can be your helping hand. We can handle this tricky side of your business so you don’t have to, making sure that you adhere to the guidelines as part of our monthly payroll services.

Automatic Pension Enrolment

One of the areas that you may require help with when running your small business is payroll, and specifically automatic pension enrolment. Recently, the law regarding workplace pensions changed and, according to the terms of the Pensions Act 2008, all UK employers have to enrol certain members of their staff in a pension scheme and pay contributions towards it. No matter what type of business you are running, if you are an employer of at least one staff member you have to comply with these legal requirements. It is essential for you, as an employer, to be aware of what you need to do, and your obligations will vary depending on your business’ circumstances and the status of your staff. The process of learning more about your duties and obligations is not only difficult but also time consuming, and the time spent on putting a scheme in place and administering it may take you away from the essential tasks of running your company. Luckily, we can take care of this aspect of your business so that you can concentrate on helping your company to thrive.

How Can We Help?

Most employers have neither the time nor the inclination to dedicate their time to reading and implementing the government’s 34-page guidelines booklet about Automatic Pension Enrolment, however handling tasks like this is our forté. Our team of talented book keepers and accountants specialise in helping small businesses to comply with current payroll legislation, and we can implement and administer your company pension scheme, freeing you up to do what you do best. We can take over the running of your monthly payroll services and even upload your pension contributions to the pension platform that you choose. If you haven’t chosen a workplace pension (AE) for your business yet, we can even set one up on your behalf and take over the administration of it so that you don’t need to worry about it, and we can also complete the Declaration of Compliance for your business.

Whether you choose to simply take advantage of our payroll services or opt to add them to a larger package of services that we can offer, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we are dedicated to helping your local small business grow and thrive.